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Must-Have Clothing Items For The Next 9 Months

Photo Credit: Grace Maureen

You’ve started planning for your beautiful growing baby, but have you thought much about yourself? Before that sweet newcomer ever enters their nursery that you’ve started planning out your body will go through several changes. Make sure that during this time of intense physical change you take care of your personal needs too. You’ll need an array of clothes to get you through each trimester as your body physically adjusts to your growing bundle of joy.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes

There’s no exact answer on when you should start wearing maternity clothes. Everyone’s body adjusts differently during their pregnancy, and even if you have more than one pregnancy, each of those may be different too. You just need to determine what works best for you and what’s the most comfortable.

  • As your body changes, these are some tells that will clue you in that it’s time to buy maternity clothes:
  • You are unbuttoning your pants more frequently for breathing room (or it’s difficult to button your pants in the first place)
  • Sweats and spandex are your go to clothing items
  • You’re feeling bloated often
  • Your shirt is lifting to let your bump peek out and say “Hello!”
  • You can’t button your button-down shirts all the way

Just be careful about buying all of your maternity clothes too early. Your body is rapidly growing and changing during the first and well into the second trimester, so you’ll want to purchase just a couple of items at a time as your pregnancy progresses so you can make sure to get items that fit and are comfortable.

What To Buy During the First Trimester

The first trimester is typically difficult for expecting mothers. Their body is changing in so many ways, but most of the changes are ones that people can’t see. There is no swollen belly for people to congratulate you on. Instead, there is morning sickness and mood swings.

During these early weeks of pregnancy try and stay comfortable. Sweatpants and loose shirts are your new best friend. Even though your stomach may not look like it is growing quite yet, it can feel tender to the touch and a bit achy if you wear tight clothes against it.

Our Aspin Lounge Hoodie is a great top to keep in your closet during this time of your pregnancy. It’s cute enough to head out of the house in, but comfy enough for laying down when morning sickness really knocks you out. Just throw this great top on in the morning and you’ll be ready for whatever your body feels up to that particular day.

Other items that could be helpful during your first trimester:

  • Stretchy t-shirts
  • Leggings
  • Underwear

You’ll likely fit into most of your clothes at this point still, but it’s always nice to have a couple of extra comfy wear items on hand that you can grow into.

What to Buy During the Second Trimester

When the second trimester begins you can kiss that pesky morning sickness goodbye. True, some women may still experience some later pregnancy related illnesses, but for the most part, you’ll probably be feeling better than you’ve felt in months.

Now that you’re able to be up and about on a more regular schedule it’s time to get a little exercise in. You want your body to be healthy and strong when it’s time for delivery. The best way to guarantee you’re physically ready for the big day is to set up a light exercise routine that will help you stay loose and strong.

If you’re in need of some flex friendly pants, take a look at our Breeze Lounge Bottoms. The comfortable leggings will help to encourage a wide variety of exercises as they stretch seamlessly with your every movement. Feel confident doing yoga, walking, biking or any other exercise, as you work to get your body ready for your new baby.

Other maternity clothing items you may want to pick up for your second trimester include:

  • Stretchy pants (you cannot have enough of these)
  • Professional wear - if you are working throughout your pregnancy, it might be time to buy some professional maternity clothing during your second trimester
  • Underwear (you’ll likely want new pairs of underwear throughout each semester as your body adjusts to a growing baby)

What to Buy During the Third Trimester

When the third trimester finally arrives, you’ll be feeling a mixture of excitement and bloating. Your baby is almost here, and each little kick reminds you that it won’t be long until you’ll see their face for the first time. On the flip side, you are uncomfortable 90% of the time. It’s getting harder to sleep at night, and you might cry trying to put your pants on because you can’t reach your feet anymore.

One positive side of the third trimester is how great you look in almost all dresses. The tight dresses show off your adorable baby bump and the loose ones make you look like a goddess of fertility. You’re also probably feeling pretty hot and uncomfortable in your own skin, so a nice soft dress will help to ease some of the discomfort.

Looking for some cute dresses to add to your closet? Give our Maternity Dress Collection a look through. You’ll find dresses for every occasion whether they are fancy or casual. Spend your final trimester looking fabulous while enjoying the comfort and breeze of a few nice maternity dresses.

Other helpful maternity clothing to purchase during your third trimester includes:

  • Maternity/nursing crossover shirt (something that you can easily transition into nursing if that’s what you choose to do)
  • Jeans - you should be able to wear jeans and dress in the same style you did pre-pregnancy. Check out these comfortable maternity jeans that you can wear at any stage in your pregnancy

You deserve to be stylish and comfortable as you progress in your pregnancy. Find clothes that make you feel good and always make comfort a priority.

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