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Summer Safety Tips For Expecting Moms

Photo Credit: Grace Maureen

Summer is here and so is the heat. As the temperatures begin to rise you may be wondering how you can keep yourself and your little growing bean healthy and happy. Here are a few summer tips to keep you on the right track through this season.

Drink Lots of Water

Since you’re currently growing an entire person inside of you, your body is hard at work all the time. That means you need to make sure to stay hydrated. While your body labors through the growth period, try to always keep a cold bottle of water with you to both help you cool down and keep you healthy.

Here are some fun tips to make sure you get the extra water that you need:

  • Buy a large reusable water bottle in a fun look that matches your style. Water bottles can be accessories too, and having water on hand all day long makes it that much easier to stay hydrated.
  • Eat hydrating foods. You can get extra water from food too. Fruits and vegetables are around 90% water. Spinach, kale, oranges, apples, and watermelon are all great options to incorporate into your diet to get more water.
  • Add flavor to your water. Infuse it with fruit and herbs (like mint and rosemary) for a refreshing twist.

Find Cooling Ways to Exercise

Exercising is hard in general, but when you are pregnant it seems exponentially so. Your body is constantly feeling exhausted from lugging around extra weight. The pool is the perfect place to both find a little relief and stretch your limbs. The water will help to cool you off and make your growing belly more buoyant. This will help you to move a bit more while giving your back a rest from your growing uterus. And if you need a good maternity swimsuit, check these out.

Be careful that you don’t overdo it with exercise though. Talk to your doctor to find out what is safe for you to do during your pregnancy, especially during the hot summer months.

Take Care of Your Feet

During pregnancy, your heart is pumping a ton of extra blood throughout your body. This can result in some very hot feet during this very hot weather. Make sure to take the time to prop your feet up and allow them to cool down. Also, make sure to pick shoes that allow your feet to breathe while giving you the proper support for your growing frame.

This is the perfect time to reach out to your partner for some foot rubs or go for that professional foot massage that you’ve been wanting.

Keep Eating and Making Healthy Choices

When you feel hot during the day it can limit your appetite. If you feel like food is sounding less and less appealing, make sure to make healthy choices when you do feel like eating so your body will be fueled by foods that will help your baby grow big and strong. Keep fruit and veggies in your fridge so you have a delicious selection of cold snacks to help keep you cool.

Here are a few delicious and simple snacks that you can keep on hand:

  • Veggies sticks and dips like hummus or ranch
  • Whole fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries
  • Yogurt
  • String cheese
  • Trail mix

Keep Up Your Skincare

As the sun sucks the water out of the summer air, it is also stealing the liquid from your body. Keep your lotion close at hand to rub over that ever-growing stomach to help with itchy skin and stretch marks. Also, remember to put on sunscreen every time you go outside to help protect yourself from UV exposure and sunburns.

Wear Comfortable Summer Maternity Clothes

It’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely during those hot summer months when you’re pregnant. You don’t want to run the risk of overheating so take a look at your wardrobe and make sure that you have comfortable clothes that will help you stay cool during the summer. And if you’re looking for cute summer clothes, give our online store a look for the perfect summer maternity wear.

As you enjoy this special time for you and your growing baby remember that the most important thing this summer is to keep both of you healthy. Stay hydrated, stay cool, and stay safe.

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